How large is your space?

The building is 2,100 SF in total. Downstairs and upstairs are both 1,500 SF. Each level has their own private bathroom.

How many people does your space fit?

The Space on South Side can comfortably fit around 40 people.

Can I bring food and drinks?

Yes! You can bring in any food or drink into the space.

Do you have a kitchen?

Yes! We have a kitchen on the second floor. The kitchen has a microwave, counter space and storage for your food and beverage items. The kitchen does not have a fridge, oven or stove, so food will need to have heated trays and coolers must be provided.

Can you provide furniture for my event?

Yes. The Space on South Side can provide set up of table and chairs for an additional fee. Please inquire to discuss pricing and options.

How do I bring in large items to your space for my event?

The Space on South Side has a large roll up garage door at the back of our space that you can utilize to bring in large items for your event.

Can I come earlier that day to set up for my event?

Please make sure that you allocate enough time in your rental to include time to setup and breakdown for your event.

Where do I park?

There is limited parking behind our building off Peak Street. If you are having a large event we ask that you park on East Side which is the street directly behind Main Street.

Can I have live music?

Since we are in a building with other residents we ask that you use just the portable speaker in our space at a respectful volume.

Do you have Wifi?

Yes! The Space on South Side will provide Wifi login credentials 24 hours before the start of your event.

Event Rentals Start at $130/hour